Monday, May 14, 2007

My Life Since Graduation

I graduated this past Friday from the University with a BA in Psychology and BA in Sociology. While both departments' diploma ceremonies were in the same satellite location, I walked with psychology; I clapped most often for friends in Sociology.

Now I am spending time with family, as my Grandfather who lives in Michigan and whom I have not seen for 7 years is in town and staying with us. Actually, he sleeps in my room while I share my sister's bed. I am also looking for a job, mainly for the summer, but if I can find one that I can work close to where I'll be attending for graduate school, it'd be great. I will be attending a CSU, and while that is much more less expensive that what tuition has been for the last four years, it's now all on my shoulders, and any small amount of money looks like a lot to me.

Graduation gifts rock! I have gotten nothing but money, and it's all going towards a new (used) car for me to own. Hopefully this one will have A/C and at least a tape deck.

When I'm not online looking for jobs, or taking Grandpa around town, I'm sewing. I'm half-done with a "Double Wedding Ring" quilt that I've done with my scrap fabrics. Mom wants me to sell it online because she doesn't like anything that I sew: she likes pastel colors, while I like vibrants like purple and yellow or dark colors like sage green or burgundy.

That's pretty much what I'm doing these days.