Friday, September 11, 2009


I actually now have the means with the Laboure Society to start collecting donations toward my student loans.

If you would like to donate, and it's (a) tax-deductible, and (b) anonymous; please e-mail me at:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spiritually Feverish

I feel like a quilt: my memories, my speech, my skills, and so much more. Information gleaned from Protestant & Catholic Bible studies, friends leaving their indelible marks behind, time leaves stray gray strands in my hair, my mind cluttered with psychology, theology, pop culture, and Godly longings.

All of me made up of different fabrics, stitched together over time; time fraying the edges of the quilt, as its not yet complete. Some are faded, others still brilliant, some tattered, others wholeheartedly replaced.

And like the actual quilts sitting in my room awaiting their last stitches, I’m not pleasing to others. Problem being that God’s my batting, my oomph.

I attended a Charismatic Catholic conference for the Labor Day weekend, and Monday I spent hanging out with friends watching a film about Karol (aka JPII), and Tuesday will have Bible Study and Wednesday spiritual direction.

Yesterday morning someone asked “Don’t you O.D. on it? Don’t you think that someone like you would know when to stop?” Calling on my degrees in social work, psychology, and sociology a family member was implying that having God as my all in all, my true alpha and omega as an illness. Illness vs. Fool for Christ; both could appear spiritual feverish.

Where would you like to be?