Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life After Midterms

Three out of four projects done isn't too bad. It's been emotionally exhausting and I can barely think, at least not critically. To illustrate, I'm usually the life of Bible study, but not tonight.

But God knows me all too well and has used this moment when I was tired and doubting the use of my Lenten fast to bring me back to Him. I've never left Him since returning in 2005, but we all have those little moments when we pray "Lord I believe, help me in my unbelief."

So I was praying the Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament and I did not want to pray for the end of abortion again, so it came to me that I should pray for chastity which would help end abortion by another avenue. God really used that moment to help me realize how much I am going to follow through on my discernment and enter religious life. He helped me see again how much I enjoy being His.

Now to explain why chastity is at the top of my mind: a friend of mine at the school of social work knows that I want to be a sister/religious, and she thinks that I could take social work to really re-vamp the abstinence programs because it's such a beautiful thing. Then I was finishing up the curriculum vitae that Fr. Thomas had asked me to write so he'd have something to talk to me about when I meet him for spiritual direction. I wanted to say that I wasn't attracted to marriage at all, that I like being chaste.

God really spoke to my heart during the Rosary and I ended up laughing for several moments in front of Him, in an empty church!

Oh, it's been a great day. Especially since then I've heard back from Fr. Thomas and I'll be meeting him tomorrow for the first time. I'm really excited, although I don't quite know what to expect