Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Re: Thoughts from Prayer

yeah. I kind of noticed it the other day when I was praying the novena to the Archangels (their feast is this Saturday), that when you get kicked out of Heaven, you're really damned. Well, there were good intentions in my thought!

During Mass on Sunday, I had the thought "This is the Lord thy God, whom you will serve all the rest of your life" right between recieving the Eucharist and the wine/Blood. The "amen" seemed insufficient after that great thought. Not great as in "gee, wow, what insight" but great in magnitude and gravity. Part of that thought was due to the fact that the rector of St Johns Seminary in Camarillo CA had given the sermon. He put in the plug for male vocations. It left me feeling kind of invisible because he did not address female vocations. I know that we need male vocations, but for Heaven's sake, don't kick me to the curbside! Then I remembered that although my life may be invisible to the world, it is not invisible to our Lord.