Monday, October 19, 2009

Silent No More

Christians who are actively Pro-Life (they are not just pew sitters who are bobble heads in church), are being called into Silence on Tuesday Oct 20th.

Whether they put tape over their mouths and write "life" or if they just maintain silence for a majority of the day. The message is the same: Our generation of siblings, classmates, friends, spouses, etc have been silenced through abortion.

Therefore, we, the ones left remaining, will be quiet on Tuesday. Maybe then, "they" will truly feel the impact of convenience. Then they will see the cost of their compromise. Then someday, some will be able to say there is regret. There is pain. There is suffering from those murdered: they are children, grandchildren, siblings, friends, spouses, doctors, pharmacists, presidents, world leaders, etc.

I will NOT be silent.

I will NOT compromise.

I will NOT forget.

What will you remember?