Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun with the Family

If it weren't spiritually agonizing, I'd howl with laughter at the plans my mother and father are cooking to keep me from the convent. I may not go this year, but hopefully I'll enter next year.

My Grandmother asks what is wrong with me for not wanting to marry. A friend told me to quip "I'm marrying Jesus" and while I am, I don't want to attend a funeral.

My mother wants me to attend business school, when I just graduated with a Masters in social work 2 months ago.

Dad said that he could barely afford to make my monthly loan payments if I don't get a job soon; yet he's willing to pay that and tuition if I go back to school.

Dad says I cannot collect donations from parishes and friends through the Laboure Society because I will be "taking it away from others." Pardon me, but this is Los Angeles! Where do you see other vocations?!? (Okay, so we exist, but we keep it covert.)

And the reasons I want to laugh:
  1. whatever is not the Will of God will be thwarted.
  2. Jesus came to separate Mother from daughter, father from son, etc.
  3. I'm 24 & they can't force me to go to school.