Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brief Update

Few things have changed in my life, therefore little impetus for me to update here, or on any other site that I frequent.

I've now made myself more marketable on the job sites because I'm bilingual.  I get a few more calls for jobs since that addition to my resume.  Like when I apply to 50+ applications per week I get two call backs instead of one.

Since the job market is still flatlining despite the stimuli bills, I'm resuming classes at at local community college in a counseling certificate.

And November is sort of just around the corner so I will be participating in the mayhem of NaNoWriMo 2010.

I've got a few plot ideas up my sleeve:

NaNo participant discovers that when she thinks about writing her novel and enters into deep imagination she is transported into it; she does not lose time present day.  But will she choose the imaginary world where she can control everything to the extent its like a fairytale, or will she simply write her novel and continue with daily life?
Re-write KH: KH travels to a rural town, flees actually.  She’s trying to expunge her memory and just start over again. But supernatural remnants of her past crop up and make it even more difficult for her to create a new life in a town that is hostile to newcomers and is trying its best to expel her.
Re-write NaNo 09.