Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

I went for a walk today at Point Vicente in RPV.  It was very cold, but you could see who got what gifts for Christmas: camera, ipods, scooters, etc.  I wasn't the only "point-and-shoot" out there.

Came across this on the walking trail there, it's not very pleasant, but at least it didn't smell. In case your eyes are failing you, yes some bird carcass out there is missing a right wing.

Here I am, hanging out in the shadow!

Christmas 2010

I got a Nixon Coolpix L110 for Christmas.  Everyone wanted me to take pictures, and these are the first attempts:

 Monkey & her boyfriend
 Monkey, boyfriend & mom
 Mom & Gramma
 Testing the 'close up' feature
Out of Towners

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

For two weeks I've seen this coming, sort of.  Let me explain, and perhaps fictional literature is better to do the job at this than my direct experience?

At any rate this is the way I choose to express my Self and my Experience at the moment.

 --- --- --- --- --- 
I think THIS would be a good introduction.

At the misty shoreline, Frank paused as Scott chose to break the silence by skipping a rock.  Looking up from the dead leaves he had been shuffling against yellow and red lake rocks, Frank's eyes pierced through the older man, boring past him to an unseen point.

"They care, you know."

Frank was silent, digging his hands deeper into his pockets and his feet just shuffled against the remaining reminders of fall.  Turning from Scott, he gazed over the lake, watching the wafts of mist rise before the sun turned the sky yellow.  Breathing in slowly, he exhaled, "Never said it was about them."

"Then, tell me.  You've got to tell someone, don't you?  Can't say you're not busting at the seams to tell someone."

Swallowing, Frank continued looking to the opposite horizon of the lake while the camp lay in slumber behind them.  "Ever get an invitation from a distant friend?  You feel obliged for what you once had with them, but now you don't have much connecting you anymore?  It's not like that.  This is like your best friend asking you to consider a serious decision that benefits both of you."  Frank looked expectantly at Scott, who was more pensive than passive, "Go on."

"Well, like I've told Thom, it's kind of like praying at church.  I'm talking to a Friend about things that would benefit both of us, once we've each heard the other and considered whether the gain is worth the battle."

"What battle."

Frank looked at Scott like he was a fool, "Souls.  God asked me to help fight for the Souls that have the least inkling of belonging to Him.  What were you thinking I was going to say?"

"Not a clue.  Good and Evil is hardly convincing these days."

The teen shrugged his flannel-clad shoulders, "It's been called worse."

"How'd you get to this point?"

"What point? Quiet?  God's not in the loud wind, right?"

With a nod of his head to the right, Scott conceded.  "What happens? Where do you go?"

"Where do you go in the boundary blurriness between sleep and waking?  God uses that space, for me, to enter into His realm.  At first I was scared and unable to do very much at all.  I was answering the phone, so to speak, or returning the R.S.V.P.  Now that boundary just stretches out before me.  I really can't explain what really happens.  As for where I go, I'm still right here."

Scott nodded, longer curls than his brother bobbed along.  Turning his gaze in the same direction of Frank's he let silence slip over them for a while.  Breaking it, "So, God asks you to fight for souls.  How do you know which ones?"

"I don't.  He tells me and I heed."

"How does He tell you?"

"Mary's the four-star General of His Army.  It's marching all around every day even though you can't see or feel the trembling of it's force.  I've experienced their power, since I'm not the only one living that joins forces with the commanders and generals, which you must know are the saints.  Mary lets me know."


"Yes."  With that Frank turned from Scott and wandered a bit further along the shoreline, signalling with his body language the exploration was over.  If Scott wanted more, he'd have to chisel through Frank's armour, or enter God's world.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thought of the Day III

I know exactly what to post, just working out how I want to say it.

Will return in a few days.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I want ... need to start writing again.

Give me color-based prompts (i.e., gray, silver) and a phenomenon (i.e. dew, fog, flood).

I'll post it here & at the wordpress =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photos from November 26th

On the day after Thanksgiving, I went out to the South Coast Botanical Garden since I had been aching to take photos, and needed to get out of the house. An acquaintance of mine from other hiking trips has a gorgeous camera and is able to take professional quality landscape panoramics.  So, with his images feeding my itchy fingers, and mom's sour mood driving me from the house, I took to the Garden.

About 30 minutes into the park, I was photographing a borage bush that coincidentally had a bee on it.  Well, Mr. Bee decided to fly at me, and thinking it went up my sleeve, I did my bee dance and dropped the camera with the lens fully extended.  [Insert woeful face here]

These are the photographs before the bee incident.

Paper-white Narcissus

 In the Rose Garden

 Fuchsia in a Hanging Basket

 Daisy in the Volunteer Garden

 Peppers in the Volunteer Garden


 Lily of Some Sort

 Coral and Pink hued daisies