Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Rare Sigthing

When was I last on here? Can somone check the time stamp for me?

What's changed?
  1. Got a job as a social worker at a ADHC November 2010
  2. Left the job 3weeks prior to being there a year. October 2011
  3. Got a job as a social worker/therapist November 2011
  4. Moved out of my parents' place 2 months ago

Where's the vocation?

Still here, going through the desert.

Paying off my loans, which have gone down from 50k to 42k. Hey, I don't make a million as a social worker. They don't pay me very well to make sure kids don't kill or hurt themselves; to help them out of depression or anxiety; or to teach parents to, well, parent; connect kids and parents to community resources.

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